Poem: Through the LENS

Through the LENS PICTURE youPICTURE meA CONTRAST of PIXELSof what possibly could be A SNAPSHOT in the RAWno editing requiredJust two ISO peoplewith happiness desired DEVELOPED with careand in sufficient lightMounted with balanceFRAMED just right A PICTURE of you and meAn IMAGE of whatthe two of us could be Sheila BondOriginally written: 2012 Author’s notes:… Continue reading Poem: Through the LENS

Poem: Weary heart

Weary Heart My heart grows wearywith the passing of each dayMy blue skies are linedwith shades of grey From a distanceall appears as it should beBut if you look real closedarkness you will see Deafening thunderwhen anger I feelDown pours of rainwhen life I can’t deal Sheila BondOriginally written: July 31, 1997 Author’s notes: I… Continue reading Poem: Weary heart

Song: Hey baby

Hey Baby Hey baby,you are driving me crazy.Hey baby,you are driving me crazy.Hey baby,you are driving me crazy. With the way you walk,the way you talk,the way you smile. Some come on over here,and give me a kiss. Cause… a hug won’t do. You have got to smile,and say…I love you.And oh yes,I love you… Continue reading Song: Hey baby

Poem: Passion

Passion In the color of the sunthat burns so brightIn the crashing waveson a stormy night In the ink of a bookthat can not be boundIn the notes of musicthat an instrument must sound In the heatthat will not exhaustIn the feverof two lovers lost In the plea of a womanwho cries out for choiceIn… Continue reading Poem: Passion